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Collini, the retailer of shoe accessory brands
September 27, 2019 No comments

Building a business from scratch, the founder of Collini has created the first footwear accessory shop in the Riviera del Brenta. Since then our team has been working to preserve Italian style and make it famous in the world, providing footwear and leather goods manufacturers with the best materials.

Our company offers a wide selection of production materials, tools and machinery, chemicals and finishing, shoe and foot care products, packaging and trasports solutions. And what is more, Collini has been establishing as a retailer for companies and private customers particularly in the field of shoe accessories.

We keep the best retailer partnerships with different suppliers, such as Fenice S.p.A., Olfa , VelcroAmann. 

Fenice S.p.A and the art of leather finishing.

Costant challenge, energy for mind are the keywords of the entrepreneurial philosophy and culture inspiring this company. As a result, they are constantly looking for the best strategies in the finishing processes of leather, footwear and leathergoods. To enrich the texture of leather items, Fenice pays even more attention to the physical and chemical parameters for the development of leading products. Moreover, the company aims for an emotional impact on the consumer just through the touch of leather fabric.

Being a certified retailer of Fenice, Collini supports the sale of various chemicals and finishing products, such as: ATOMIMATT Matt Effect Fixative  for Leather Dye, ATOMIGLOSS  Glossy Finishing for edge dyes, ATOMIGUM Neutral Base for Stucco-like Effect on leather Edges,  ATOMIGRIP Grip Primer - Adhesion Promoter,  ATOMICLEANER Leather Cleaner, ATOMIFINISH Glossy Effect Fixative for Leather Dyes, BAGS LOVERS KIT a care kit with Cleaning, protective, nourishing treatment for finished leather articles.

Fenice spa WATERSTAIN pro

As a response to the new goals of leather market, Fenice has reviewed the tecnology based on organic solvent. On one hand it has launched a new line of water-based products, but on the other hand it has designed waterproofing items. Both of them are sold by Collini too.

The first line of product, called Waterstain, consists of a vast range of colours and easy-to-apply allowing innovative finishing and deying. Let's colour speak is the most suitable slogan because it includes ATOMICOLOR Mat Dye for Leather Edges to finish the raw-cut of leather bags, shoe uppers and leather goods in general, WATERSTAIN PRO Leather Dye in form of a water-based fluid cream to restore a clean, natural and bright appearance and WATERSTAIN KIT  to create customised dyes for leather.

The aim of Fenice waterproofing items is instead to protect this kind of texture: GREASE EMOLLIENT, a waterproofing fatliquor cream for footwear, WATER OFF, a water based waterproofring for nubuck and suede leathers and STOP WATER, an Alcohol based waterproofing for nubuck and suede leathers.

Olfa, best made cutting tools in the world.

In 1956 Mr Y. Okada, the founder of OLFA Corporation, designed the first snapp-off blade cutter in the world. Since the time of this unique invention, OLFA has become a worldwide best seller. The name Olfa comes from two Japanese words, which mean "to break a blade". The OLFA parallelogram logo is inspired by the shape of a snap-off blade. 

Over the time Olfa has committed to developing practical and safe hand-held cutting tools. Safety is always a top priority for this corporate, consequently OLFA is very demanding when it comes to quality. All cutting tools are made with top quality materials and are designed, developed and manufactured in Japan.

Olfa cutters

The experts have projected all cutting tools in order to improve how people cut different kinds of materials and fabrics around the world. Olfa produces a range of cutting tools, the most of them are sold with special prices by Collini, as Olfa's certified retailer, so as to satisfy any workers' needs. All cutting tools could be divided into:

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners.

VELCRO® is the only worldwide brand specialised in hook and loop fasteners. Hook and loop is part of our everyday language. It’s an omnipresent system and is re-invented for new uses on a daily basis.

VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop is now being used around the world in different fields, such as transportation, personal care, packaging, apparel, outerwear and even footwear. When apparel and footwear industries want to optimise form and function, they rely on Velcro Brand for innovative fastening solutions that improve even more all item-performances. Although each VELCRO® Brand product is built for a specific task, the principal mechanics remain the same.

Velcro Loop Fasteners

Being its official retailer, Collini helps the experts of VELCRO® Brand to add value and comfort to all footwear through the sales of:

Amann Group, premium sewing threads and smart yarns.

Since 1854, AMANN has been one of the global leaders in the field of high-quality sewing threads, embroidery threads and Smart Yarns. AMANN stands for quality, innovative products, highly-efficient processes and excellent results.

Amann sewing threads

From universal sewing threads to highly technical special yarns, the experts offer a wide range of products for various applications. For example, AMANN's sewing threads are a must for high quality shoes and accessories and are also used for processing shoes, bags, suitcases or other small leather goods. Last but not least, AMANN offers suitable sewing threads for the apparel sector, the automative sector and home interior sector, while its innovative smart yarns are considered perfect for textile industries.

As a result, Collini relies completely on AMANN'S technical know-how and business responsibility, therefore it has become its authorised retailer of shoe accesories.

Serafil line was born for the purpose of producing filament of synthetic sewing threads but then polyester threads have established in the market, such as AMANN SERAFIL polyester thread or AMANN SERAFIL polyester thread in many other colours and sizes. SabaFLEX line was launched on the market for extremely elastic sewing threads, as AMANN Elastic thread SabaFLEX. Among these products, Collini sells AMANN SERABRAID - polyester waxed thread AMANN SERABRAID - polyester standard braided threadsAMANN TRANSFIL - trasparent nylon thread and AMANN META - metallic polyester thread too.

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