Our History

Already before the Second World War Mr. Collini got on his bike to deliver the basic shoe components to his customers, the real pioneers of shoe manufacturing in the Riviera del Brenta, the basic elements of a shoe.

The business started as an intermediation between the manufacturers and the brave shoe producers of the Riviera del Brenta. Since they could not risk to buy a whole box of nails, they asked young Alceste if he could put on stock at least the minimum quantity required from the big suppliers.

When in 1943 Alceste got married to Giannina, the business began its first ascending phase. Finally the space obrained inside the house in Via Nazionale allowed the newly constituted Collini family to create a warehouse, which would then become the first footwear accessory shop in the Riviera del Brenta.

Alceste Collini in bicicletta (anno 1939)

La sede ultimata nel 1958

In 1959 the founder decided to build a new structure in order to fulfil the increasing demand of shoe business within the district. 
Since its opening the warehouse located in Noventa Padovana has become very popular.

Here is the text of the article published in the local newspaper IL GAZZETTINO on the 30th July 1959:

“It would seem that footwear doesn’t require so many different accessories; hwever, even 2080 true atoms of shoe can be found in the new emporium that Mr. ALCESTE COLLINI offers to his many customers in Oltre Brenta in Noventa Padovana, not far away from Stra.

Designed by an architect, Mr. Zandarin, with a strict correspondence to its functionality, but maintaining a sense of harmony even in the smallest detail, the shop is bright, having a linear metallic shelving that stretches for one kilometre in the vast warehouse.

Everywhere light, order, rationality.

After cutting the ribbon during the inauguration, Noventa’s mayor cav. Pasquale Ruffato, complimented the owner and his kind wife Giannina for the remarkable building and commercial fulfillment that gives a further thrust to the district.

 Articolo del GAZZETTINO pubblicato il 30 giugno 1959

Luciana, Mario e Alceste Collini nel giorno dell'inaugurazione del negozio nel 1959


Since then the expansion even to the international market becomes easy, thanks to the partecipation to international fairs, but mainly based on a reputation spread among producers all over the world.

Luciana e Mario, with all the staff of the company, continue to offer an irreplaceable service that finds in the experience and professionalism acquired within half a century the stakes that guarantee customers the highest quality.

The headquarted renewed in 2008: innovation and low environmental impact (insulation and solar panels)

  La sede rinnovata nel 2008

L'articolo originale pubbblicato sul GAZZETTINO

The "Collini" has been renovated - Noventa Padovana

More than five hundred people, among whom there were shoe and leather manufacturers, technical modellers, workers and traders from all over Italy and also abroad attended the opening of the renovated shoe accessory store whose history begins during the Second World War.

"I finished nails and also glue; I am desperate Alceste, because I can't finish the six pairs of shoes that I have to deliver to my customers in Piazza dei Signori in Padua. His friend reassured him: "Keep calm! You will have everything by this evening."

The protagonist of this interview was the great Alceste Collini and everyone still remembers him with particular fondness. Those were hard times and it was almost impossible to find any kind kind of material. Nevertheless, while footwear continued to survive in the shadow of the pilot company launched in 1898 by Luigi Voltan, Alceste had succeeded in working small miracles. In those days, a certain culture of making is recognized as the artisanal core of the current sector, which produces 21 million pairs per year. It can be said that “el sior Alceste” (i.e. a local dialect phrase for "Mr. Alceste"), the gentleman with a good face, at that time and after the Second World War, was a protagonist of the technological jump made by manufacturers of the Riviera del Brenta 

Our story continues!

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