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Hook and Loop FRT Flame Retardant Sew-on VELCRO® Brand (25 meters)

€40.26 €33.00
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Velcro FRT fire retardant (25 m loop + 25 m hook)

Fire-retardant fastener (high flammability resistance)

Price for 25-metre packaging
Every pack consists of a 25 mts HOOK reel + 25 mts LOOP reel

Promptly available: 30 mm, White
Upon order: 20 mm - 50 mm, Black or White

Velcro FRT fire retardant (25 m loop + 25 m hook)


VELCRO ® nylon fastener consists of two linking components: the hook and the loop. The tape with flexible hooks binds with the soft and "hairy" loop tape. When the tapes are pressed together, the closure is firm but also easily adjustable. To open the closure, simply pull the tapes apart. VELCRO ® tapes are built with the highest quality standards and guarantee size and construction uniformity.

Opening/closure cycles: 10,000

Except 30-mm wide in white colour, all other variants made upon order only with minimum purchasing orders:

Tape width

20 mm 30 mm 50 mm


Upon order only
colours: BLACK / WHITE

Promptly available in limited quantity: WHITE

BLACK: upon order

Upon order only
colours: BLACK / WHITE
Minimum order  1.275 metres  Black: 900 metres  525 metres
Delivery time 5 working days 5 working days 5 working days


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