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LogiStrap™ VELCRO® Brand - Adjustable straps to secure pallets

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Logistrap Velcro adjustable strap to secure pallets

Environmentally friendly adjustable strap for materials handling 

Cost reduction: up to 55% saving, being a reusable product instead of ordinary plastic stretch wrap.

Sustainable: it reduces waste by 100% removal of ordinary metal straps and stretch wrap.

Immediate and quick: secure and easy to remove without using tools.

Versatile: available in 4 sizes and 4 different colours for any applications.

Label friendly: it does not cover any barcodes or labels on goods, thus speedig up warehouse operations.

Logistrap Velcro adjustable strap to secure pallets

Velcro brand Logistrap is a versatile strap which is reusable thanks to its hook-and-loop fastening. It may be used in all material handling areas, such as logistic areas, distribution centres, and warehouses, where securing goods on pallets is important. It useful also to secure boxes, collapsible containers and other goods on pallets.

Technical characteristics

  • 100% polyamide
  • Synthetic resin
  • Tape width: 50 mm
  • Hook tape length (black): 350 mm
  • Lengths:
    • 4 metres - Yellow
    • 5 metres - Orange
    • 6 metres - Green
    • 7 metres - Blue
  • Tensile strength: 1059 N
  • Nominal ± 2mm
  • Nominal ± 30 mm
  • Average 2.55 N/cm
  • Minimum 1.20 N/cm
  • Average 14.5 N/cm2
  • Minimum 7.3 N/cm2
  • 60% loss after 10.000 cycles
  • Average 1000N
  • Minimum 750N

    The maximum recommended load varies According to the specific use of each application, based on the distribution and dimensions of the merchandise as well as the type of amterial

What does make this pallet strap special?

  • It is a reusable tool to secure goods on pallets and therefore their shipping.
  • There is no more waste due to removal of stretch wrap and metal straps, thus reducing 55% packaging cost.
  • Quick to be applied and removed by a single person. Barcodes on goods are not covered by packaging, so that they can be visualized quickly and shipping or receipt operations are not slowed down.
  • Logistrap™ is very soft to avoid surface damage.

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Additional information

Velcro® Logistrap™ represents a great solution for all logistics operations, since it allows waste and cost reduction, thus increasing efficiency. These straps are reusable and do not make any waste. In addition to this, workers are less tired because they do not waste time in researching labels or barcodes on goods, since these straps are easy to remove.

Further information

VELCRO® company is a world leader in hook & loop fastener production. It offers a wide range of solutions, from ordinary sew-on hook-and-loop fastener to finished products.

50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE and pride for their contribution to innovation with more than 300 active patents worldwide and their constant research of solutions in order to meet customer needs.

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