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WATERSTAIN PRO leather dye (250 ml)

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Dyeing fluid cream for a deep and intense effect to dye hides with a new color o as a repairer for ruined hides.

WATERSTAIN® PRO may be applied using a sponge or a "roller-coater" for uniform effects or a pad for a "cloud" effect.

Bottle of 250 ml

Average surface that can be covered with a 250 ml bottle= approx. 2 square meters (*)

Colors: 72 + Neutral (useful to lighten colors without losing performance)

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WATERSTAIN® PRO leather dye (250 ml)
WATERSTAIN PRO leather dye (250 ml)

In stock

€9.76 €8.00


    Waterstain Pro Leather dye

    WATERSTAIN® PRO is the innovative improved version of the famous fluid water-based WATERSTAIN® dye.

    These dyes in form of fluid water-based creams revolutionise the concept of leather dyeing and finishiing.

    WATERSTAIN® PRO gives a deep and intense colour and a refined reactivity to brushing. It is also highly resistant to water, wear and rubbing. Furthermore, the aniline effect restores a clean, natural and bright appearance, typical of traditional Tuscan vegetable tanning.

    Hides finished with WATERSTAIN® PRO are suitable for any kind of further processing, thus assuring a wonderful final aspect and preserving leather softness and naturalness.

    WATERSTAIN® PRO colour palette is very wide: there are 72 different immediately available colours and a neutral base, which is useful to dilute the product if necessary. All these colours can also be intermixed, thus allowing the creation of the perfect desired nuance, without making a lot of expensive attempts with standard colours. 


    If you would like to know how much product you need to cover a certain area, please read what follows:

    Square foot = 30.3 x 30.3 centimetres = between 10 and 15 ml

    Square metre = 100 x 100 centimetres = between 110 and 160 ml

    Average overcoatable surface with a 250 ml bottle = 1.85 square metres

    A lot of variables are to be considered: leathe rporosity, the starting colour and the desired colour after application, and the final effect one wants to obtain.

    Being water-based, WATERSTAIN® PRO does not generate foam and can be diluted into water, if one wants to obtain a more transparent/less opaque effect. In this way a wider area may be covered with the product without compromising the result quality.

    PHYSICAL CONSTANTS (referred to neutral base)

    Appearance: Neutral fluid (analysis method MDA 008)
    Dry residue (%): 9 ± 1 (analysis method MDA 010/011)
    Density (g/cm³): 0,966 ± 0,05 (analysis method MDA 018)

    Coloured versions have slightly different values.


    This product is not dangerous. Conserve between +5/+40°C


    The product is to be used preferably within 2 years from its production. It must be conserved in its original packaging, well closed and stored according to recommended conditions.

    More Information
    GREEN No
    Additional information

    Mix of natural and synthetic waxes, binders and colourants with high penetration and dyeing power.

    WATERSTAIN® PRO is made of special semi-fluid water-based waxes for dyeing and finishing crust-leather.

    This product may be applied using a sponge or a pad directly on hides for uniform or slightly "cloud" effects.

    WATERSTAIN® PRO maby be also applied using a "roller-coater", thus assuring a highly uniform effect. Then hides may be finished with Victoria Creme® cream palette

    Leather finished with WATERSTAIN® PRO show high resistance to dry/wet rubbing and water drop.

    WATERSTAIN® PRO is a FENICE S.p.a. product

    Further information
    Customer Questions
    Will you please tell me if there is a color TAN available?

    If we consider "TAN" to be a Light Brown shade, you have many of them: color 006 - Tortora could be one of them, as color 010 Corda Scuro could be another one. It's hard to tell what the shade you're looking for could be, but the variety of #72 shades...

    I am a customer and I really love to dye my leathers with your Waterstain with Fenice. I've been doing it with your sponges to change my leathers' colors with success and I have the following question. In case I want to make effects with your waterstain, can I spray your waterstain with an airbrush? I have a semi-professional airbrush (Iwata Revolution). Thank you!

    we have many satisfied customers using the airbrush to "paint" with WaterStain Pro. We do not have a direct experience with this method, but you can surely find your way on how to set and adjust your personal airbrush. The only suggestion I can give...

    If I dye my vegetable-tanned leathers with your Waterstain, are they going to contain chemicals after I dye them? I am asking because I want to know if it's safe to dye leather (for lining) with your Waterstain that comes in contact with human skin. Also after I dye my leathers are they going to keep their "vegetable-tanned" properties? Thank you!

    The classification of the coloring fluid creams of the WATERSTAIN® PRO series does not include any color variant the classification of carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction (CMR) nor any criticality for human health in terms of acute toxicity...

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