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If I dye my vegetable-tanned leathers with your Waterstain, are they going to contain chemicals after I dye them? I am asking because I want to know if it's safe to dye leather (for lining) with your Waterstain that comes in contact with human skin. Also after I dye my leathers are they going to keep their "vegetable-tanned" properties? Thank you!

The classification of the coloring fluid creams of the WATERSTAIN® PRO series does not include any color variant the classification of carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction (CMR) nor any criticality for human health in terms of acute toxicity.

With the liquid product (not already dried on the leather), as far as exposure to products from the WATERSTAIN PRO series is concerned, it is appropriate, as always when handling chemical products, to avoid direct contact with the skin and therefore foresee the use of gloves.

The products of the WATERSTAIN PRO series also contain substances with exposure limits occupational, as specified in the respective safety data sheets which take into account. We, therefore, recommend that you consult the indications, common to all WATERSTAIN PRO, contained in each safety data sheet.

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