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SERABRAID T90 - 100% Polyester Thread - Waxed (for hand sewing)

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T90 = WAXED version for hand sewing

Diameters mm: 0.8 - 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.4

  • the braided thread for customized effects
  • to sew moccasins
  • waxed, to sew by hand

Available in 30 or 46 colours (according to the diameter)

Only on order

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Braided sewing thread are increasingly more important for their aesthetic contribution to big ornamental seams. As regards both hand sewing and machine stitching, imagining shoes, handcraft lining, leather products or even leather steering wheels without braided threads.

The Serabraid thread palette has been designed to highlight its unique, voluminous and ornamental aspect. 

Serabraid T90 is particularly suitable to sew shoes, leather products and tapestry by hand.

Thanks to its particular construction, Serabraid T90 is extremely resistant to traction and abrasion.

Serabraid T90 is available in 4 diametres (from 0.8 mm to 1.4 mm) and in 30 or 46 colours (according to the selected diameter).
Label Diameter in mm Finishing  Amann item no. Coil length  Available colours Needle diameter 
800 0.8 T90 4805 700 metres 30 Nm 180
1000 1.0 T90 4105 500 metres 46 Nm 200
1200 1.2 T90 4205 500 metres 46 Nm 230
1400 1.4 T90 4405 300 metres 30 Nm 250

T90 = waxed

Water-repellent version available on demand.

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