Felt-tip pens

Felt-tip pens

Professional markers for stylists and creatives

Draw, color, highlight, mark or write. You can do all this using a simple but versatile manual tool that cannot be missing on the desk of fashion designers, stylists, illustrators and creatives. We are talking about the marker: an object with which you express ideas freehand to give shape and color to creations.

In this section you will find a vast assortment of water-based or alcohol-based markers, with fine or thick tips to mark the finer lines of fashion sketches or to color larger surfaces of fabrics. Markers are used in many applications: from simple cardboard to adhesive tape, from leather to fabric, from plastic to glass, from wood to ceramic, from metal to rubber.

With markers you can really indulge yourself in drawing on any surface. View them all to start coloring your ideas right away!

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