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Markers 2 Tips TOMBOW® ABT Dual Brush Pen

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The ABT Dual Brush Pen are equipped with two tips. The fine tip is perfect for drawing continuous and narrow strokes such as, for example, when working with stencils. The second tip is flexible like a brush, stable, hard and also soft, and is perfect when applying color to large areas. The single ink cartridge not only ensures the perfect color match but allows the ABT Dual Brush Pen to be economical too.

ABT Dual Brush Pen are available in 96 colors. The colors are water based, can be used as watercolors and can also be mixed together. For this particular use, apply the colors on a glossy surface, for example an old CD and mix the colors with the help of a brush and water. This way you can create beautiful effects and shades.

Tombows, the name by which loyal users call the ABT Markers, are offered for many different uses and can be used to make prints, comics, illustrations, sketching and much more.

We remind you that the colors of the ABT Dual Brush Pen are sensitive to light, therefore, do not expose the drawings to direct sunlight.

Two-Point Marker Pen: The fine tip is perfect for sharp lines and close-up drawings, such as when working with stencils. The thick tip is very flexible, similar to a brush. Durable but soft at the same time. Suitable for coloring large areas.

The single reservoir of the marker guarantees the perfect match of the hue expressed by the two tips and makes ABT Dual Brush an economically convenient purchase.

Coloris 96

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