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WATERSTAIN® KIT - create dyes customized for leathers

268,40 € 220,00 €

kit for instant preparing of WATERSTAIN dyes in 72 different color shades of the color formulations (it's included in the kit)

By simply mixing different colors, you can create an endless shade of colors

The kit is composed of 16 colors + neutral + diluent + matt fixative + glossy fixative (250 ml single item)

WATERSTAIN® consists of a series of fluid cream dyes, presented in a water-based setting that has revolutionized the approach to the dyeing and finishing of crust leathers.

Here's a summary of some of the most immediately appreciated characteristics:

•Dyeing power
•Softness and naturalness to the treated leather
•High general fastnesses
•Easy application

The waxy and colour components within this speciality allow for a deep and intense dyeing power, with a desirable reactivity when brushing, together with good general fastness to leather, such as water resistance, wear resistance and rub fastness.

The aniline effectthus obtained is clean, not overloading, natural, attractive, bright and typical of the best and universally appreciated veg-tanned traditional Tuscany leathers.

Leathers finished with WATERSTAIN are perfectly suitable for the different subsequent operations, enabling a wide range of modern and innovaite quality articles to be obtained.

A SINGLE KIT included

1 RECIPES Formulations to obtain various shades using the colors inside the kit
2 FIX 9 BRIGHT Glossy fixative for finished leathers to obtain excellent resistance to rub and scratches
3 FIX 9 OPAQUE Matt fixative for finished leathers to obtain good resistance to rub and scratches

Penetrating solution to dilute WaterStain dyes and to make possible the application by spray
(as well as sponge) in order to obtain a finishing of the most natural leather

5  3 color LIGHT BLUE
6  5 color GREEN
7  6 color DARK BLUE
9 12  color BROWN 
10 15  color RED 
11 16  color ORANGE
12 18  color YELLOW
13 19  color BLACK
14 23  color DARK BROWN
15 98  color WALNUT
16 180  color TURQUOISE
17 223  color BROWN BARK
18 258  color BRUNO
19 263  color BORDEAUX 
20 275  color LEMON
21 281 color EBONY
22 BROCHURE containing the shade card 

Closed box dimensions 

Length: 44,5 cm
Width: 31,5 cm
Height: 15,5 cm

Weight: 6,7 Kg

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