Leather Goods Manufacturers

Leather Goods Manufacturers

Are you a leather goods manufacturer and need to sew your footwear creations with technical yarns or to replace handles, shoulder straps, linings and damaged bottoms for your bags?

Are you looking for a dye to refurbish leather jackets and the tools required to dye the edges of bags?

Master craftsmen of leather clothing and footwear choose the products and services of our company to personalize and to make unique the style of their leather accessories. We help you to give shape and life to your craft items such as bags, backpacks, wallets, purses, key rings, belts and many other items in the sector of clothing and leather goods.

We offer you a wide selection of accessories for the creation and renewal of your items together with different types of equipment, machinery and electric tools. Cleaners, protectors, waterproofers, creams and revivers: there's a complete line of products that are easy-to-use items, specifically formulated to maintain the softness and natural appearance of footwearbags and leather articles and improve the beauty over time.

We offer you the best products for finishing and care of the shoe, thus getting excellent results in an easy and fast. If instead your goal is to dye the leather sofa, to change the color of the shoes, to give new life to the bag you like so much or to renovate the car seats, you find a large selection of dyes, detergents, fixatives, edge dyes for color shoes, customize sneakers in order to make them unique in a simple way.

We give you the possibility to find what you are looking by offering over 5,000 articles in our catalogue in order to satisfy the requirements of our leather footwear and clothing manufacture.

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