Do you work in hotels, B&B, restaurants, shopping centers, supermarkets, managerial offices, wellness centers and fitness centers or other structures where it's important to take care of those guests who like to wear shoes always shiny?

Are you a Police, a Carabiniers or a Financial Police and for you, it's important to wear clean and perfect shoes?

If you work in the sector of Horeca, large distribution, food, hospitality or other similar structures, we can offer you only the best for footwear care solutions. For over 15 years we are exclusive Italian retailers of Heute brand: leader in the production of shoes polish machines.

We offer you a large selection of machines in order to satisfy the individual needs of people who want to have shoes always shining. You can decide between different models like classic, modern and elegant design or choose machines with steel inserts, precious wood, leather or even covered in 24-carat gold for customers that want to have a real luxury article.

These machines guarantee an impeccable cleaning of the shoes in an automatic way without requiring any manual operation to apply patinas or polishing. German quality, 3 years warranty and spare parts available for than 20 years from the date of your order are another plus for these durable shoe polish machines. Shoe polish machines are perfect also as an element of designer or a gift idea to impress relatives or friends who love to wear perfect footwear.

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