Artists and Designers

Artists and Designers

Are you looking for accessories and equipment to develop and implement your ideas, from the development of shoe models until the creation of the sample?

If you are a beginner artisan or a student of designer school we offer you all the materials for the creation of your fashion accessories.

In our website there are over 5,000 items which you can use in the different steps of creating your accessory:

- profession drawing: we provide you with a practical kit including all tools necessary to draw the model on a blank sheet of paper and on a form;

- modeling: you find all tools necessary for the development of the upper, lining and reinforcement models for the collections. For example the adhesive paper for the models, the white cardboard sheet, the markers, the arched compasses up, the trench and the relative blades;

- production processes: you can choose from a vast assortment of tools for cutting, hemming, assembling and finishing your footwear model. For example the round die, the hammer, the plate for cutters, the pliers for assembly, the punch, the refill up and the iron seeds.

If you are a student or designer and you need to attend schools for stylists, like the Politecnico Calzaturiero or the University of Fashion and Design, we provide everything you need to start your professional career in the What are you waiting for?

Get started now to create your design kit or model maker.

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