MOZART Knife art. 2512

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Mozart knife 2512

Multi-use knife with plastic-covered aluminium handle

Provided with a MOZART blade art. 511

Mozart knife 2512

Quality, reliability, safety and long life are the main characteristics of our blades and our knives.

MOZART blades are recognizable for these characteristics:

  • customised solutions for every application
  • excellent duration, high reliability
  • tolerances which are near to perfection
  • a lot of available materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, special steel alloys) on demand
  • hard covering, such as TIN, ceramic and diamonds
  • solutions for industry and craftsmen

MOZART handles are recognizable for these characteristics:

  • excellent cutting control
  • the ergonomic and well-designed shape assures a stress-free work
  • quick and safe change of blades
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