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Foam Rubber 50 Kg/m3 H 150 cm (per meter)

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Density: 50 Kg/m3

Roll height:
150 cm

Color: White

Thicknesses: 4 - 6 - 8 mm

The sales price is per linear meter (equal to 1.5 square meters)

Technical data sheet: 'Flexible polyurethane foam'

The mass of any PUE sample is homogeneous and made up of a uniform plastic polymer called polyurethane.

So there are no other foreign substances present. The raw materials from which we start to obtain polyurethane, by making the various components react with each other, are:

- Polyol Polyether (basic raw material).
- TDI Toluendiisocyanate (co-reactant with polyol and water).
- Water (expanding). Silicone oil (surfactant).
- Tertiary amines (catalysts for the expansion reaction).
- Stannous octoate (catalyst for the polymerization reaction).
- Antioxidant (internal yellowing regulator due to exothermic reaction).
- Reactive dyes (only for colored foams).
- Anti-flame (additive inhibiting the spread of flame).

These ingredients are no longer found in the final polymer, except for the flame retardant, which, not being reactive, is incorporated into the solid polyurethane matrix as it is.

Over time, the product tends to normal and inevitable yellowing

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Customer Questions
Looking for self adhesive foam for bags. Which one should I use?

Most of our customers producing leather goods use white foam with 50 kg/m3 density, both with adhesive and without. Then, it's up to you to decide which grade of "stiffness" you prefer for your products.

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