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Piston-shaped press pliers

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The press plier is a tool to install metal small items such as press-studs, jeans buttons, rivets, studs, ornaments with rivets and eyelets. It needs special accessories to work (sold separately).

M6 thread (compatible with equipment provided with this thread)

Piston-shaped press pliers

Provided with piston/spring-mechanism.

These pliers are sold WITHOUT the accessories which are necessary to install eyelets, press-studs, rivets, studs, etc...: these accessories, therefore, are to be ordered separately.

- to APPLY LEATHER/OTHER ACCESSORIES: every item needs its specific punch (not included):

  • eyelets and sail eyelets (we recommend you not to go use sizes larger than VL40)
  • studs with rivet;
  • seal rivets;
  • rivets; 
  • buttons for jeans;
  • press-studs; 
  • spring-buttons; 
  • hooks.

- to MAKE HOLES: you have to buy the following accessories (not included):

  • brass support;
  • round dies.
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