OLFA NCM-M Cutting mat 62 x 45 cm

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OLFA NCM-M Cutting mat 62 x 45 cm

Size cm.: 45 x 62

OLFA NCM-M Cutting mat 62 x 45 cm

These professional high-quality cutting mats are self-repairing, i.e. they are smooth again after cutting. The were developed especially to be used with OLFA Standard Duty,cutters Heavy Duty knives, but also with small knives for artistic works,rotary cutters and other special knives.

The cutting mat thickness is 3 mm.

These mats may be used on both sides: one side is green with a grill of grey lines which form 5-cm-side squares and the other is entirely green for general cutting.

I cutting mats OLFA ® cutting mats must be opreserved flat.

Code NCM-M
Category Cutting mats
Suggested Use Useful to protect surfaces and OLFA ® cutter blades while cutting
Weight each 0.1 kg
Package 1 piece
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How to recycle a used cutting tmat

Cut your cutting mat in stripes to cut the chenille, by using a sturdy pair of scissors, such as OLFA SCS-. Insert the stripes in channels and cut the fabric by means of your favourite rotary cutter OLFA® . You may also use the cutting mat as frame. Cut it into squares for pillows, rectangles for edges, triangles or any other shape your frame needs. Mark the profile with a pen or a permanent marker. Cut on the lines and you will have a re-usable shape.

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