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Odorless Water-Based Glue HYDROMAR TS (1 kg)

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Polychloroprene based glue in aqueous dispersion used before sewing coupled fabrics, leathers and uppers

Applications: lining - upper coupling in the footwear industry, leather, linings, reinforcements in the production of suitcases and cases.

It is applied by spray gun, brush or roller machine

Packaging: 1 kg


Apply the adhesive on both surfaces to be bonded and wait for the complete evaporation of the water (times vary according to environmental conditions). Once dry, couple and press the parts evenly.
In the processing of the upper and in leather goods it can be spread on one side only which must then be quickly joined and pressed to the other surface even without waiting for the complete evaporation of the water.

Any tensile tests are to be carried out after 72 hours.

It can cause an allergic reaction.


Store in the original sealed container, it is stable for 6 months at a temperature between 10 ° -35 ° C. Packages that have already been opened must be hermetically sealed. if the product freezes in the winter due to storage at too low a temperature, it could be irreversibly damaged.


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