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MINICAM Modular Orthopaedic Shoe Stretcher (+ optional extender)

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MINICAM Modular Orthopaedic Shoe Stretcher

It allows to STRETCH the shoe in the foot SOLE.

Stretching the shoe is also possible, thanks to the optional extender (B in the picture)

MINICAM Modular Orthopaedic Shoe Stretcher

Every set includes:

  • 1 aluminium stretcher with bonnet (A in the picture)
  • 2 calluses, right and left (components made of red plastic)
  • 2 clevises, right and left (components made eof red plastic)

It is possible to add:

  •  aluminium extender with optional bonnet.

AVAILABLE SIZES (according to the shoe size): 

  • a)  34/37
  • b)  38/40
  • c)  41/45


Operation method

The two aluminium half shoe-trees open, thus stretching the shoe horizontally

Operation method of MINICAM shoe stretcher

Using the components "calluses" and "clevises" is useful to stretch specific points of the shoe front more.

Using the optional extender is anyway recommended (also in case you do not want to stetch the shoe), because, if it is set to normal tension into the shoe, it makes the stretcher more efficient and stable.

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