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Glue Container with Brush (Mastic Container)

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Plastic glue container with brush included

Ideal for glues, dyes and other liquid products

4 sizes: 0.4 - 0.9 - 1.5 - 3.0 litres

Glue container with brush

A. 0.4-litre MINOR glue container with brush size 6

B. 0.9-litre MEDIUM glue container with brush size 8

C. 1.5-litre MAJOR glue-container with brush size 10

D. 3.0-litre GIGANT glue container with brush size 10


- Exhalation reduced to a minimum
- Save glue thanks to the automatic dispenser and hermetic closure
- Saving of brushes that are stored in the container itself

Instructions for Use

Container particularly suitable for all those liquid products that evaporate or encrust easily when exposed to air (glues, dyes, finishes). It is recommended to place the container in the refilling position when it is not used, so as to more easily remove encrustations and residual material.

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