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Fixor SUPERLEGGERO - SUPER-LIGHT adhesive (4 Kg)

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Particularly suitable to open seams, but also to join, line, hem hides, canvas and foam rubber.

4 kg

  • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Appearance: fluid liquid * Colour: Opalescent * Dry residue: 9 +- 1% * Viscosity: 2500 +- 500 mPa.s @ 23°C * Specific weight: 0.75 g/cm3.

  •  METHOD OF USE: Apply a uniform layer of adhesive on both surfaces and stick them together within 3-7 minutes.

  •  GLUEING FINAL CHARACTERISTICS: The dry product is odorless, flexible and resistant to aging. Surfaces glued with CREPCOL SL/ISO are highly resistant and light, thus making this adhesive suitable to package delicate items. The gluing thermal resistance is 80-90°C.

  •  STORAGE: If you preserve the product in its original packaging, it remains stable for min. 6 months at a temperature of between -5°C and + 35°C.


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