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Backed Silk Satin Fabric H 140 cm ATTILIO IMPERIALI (per meter)

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Available in ROLL - height: 88 cm (Black) - 140 cm (Coloured)

Composition: 72% Viscose LenzingTM EcoVeroTM, 28% Organic Silk GOTS + 100% cotton for doubling 

Available colours: 155

Weight gr/mtl: 670 gr

Price per linear meter

Silk and viscose fabric produced on satin weave, having a glossy, shiny and smooth surface, soft to touch and doubled with a cotton reinforcement canvas.

Particularly suitable to produce SHOES.

It has been used for years by top-ranked fashion brands with great satisfaction to produce their most refined shoes.

First of all, the silk yarn is purified and dyed. Then it is wound around different supports so that its quality and dyeing properties can be checked - before: pierced spools; after: cones, more suitable for further processing, i.e. warping and weaving.
Tessitura Imperiali deals with the whole silk transformation process, from the raw yarn to the finished fabric. 

The silk yarn is prepared in beams by means of special machinery called warpers: this is useful to adapt the loom according to the so-called "reductions" (i.e. how much thick the threads have to be) and to the quantity of fabric one wants to producs (chain length).

The following step is the weaving, i.e. production crux. When the loom is prepared with the suitable chain, the thread is weaved according to the item and the colour one wants to create.

After weaving, the fabric quality is checked; if it complies with quality standards, the washing process and further necessary processing begin.

Finally, after another quality control, the fabric is packaged in containers that are suitable for shipping and transport, so that is can be delivered to the customer.


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