Retailers and Dealers

Retailers and Dealers

Are you a retailer of fashion accessories for women and men and do you want to offer a large selection of quality products to your customers?

Are you dealers and are you looking for trendy fabric or some news for bag lining?

Are you looking for cleaners, protectors, waterproofers, creams, revivers or specific products for the leather care solutions like suede or nubuck shoes?

Since 1943 we are the reference point for all operators in the industry of women's, men's and children's fashion accessories. Competence, experience, assistance and a wide selection of articles and the continuous research of products from the best brands are what differentiate us in a competitive market.

If you are a retailer or dealer in the footwear, leather goods or clothing sector, we supply you a wide range of articles in order to satisfy all the customers' requirements. You can meet their needs by offering more than 5,000 products:

- fabrics;
- leather and synthetic leather articles;
- Velcro and reinforcing tapes and hot stamping;
- elastic bands for the upper, straps, borders and buckles;
- yarns;
- zippers;
- small metal and plastic parts;
- laces and strings;
- PVC, cork and leather profiles;
- Swarovski rhinestones and glitter metallic fabric;
- chemical products and finishing for polishing and finishing;
- shoe care kit;

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