Other Industries

Other Industries

Are you looking for cutting items that respect and comply with food hygiene standards?

Do you need professional measurement tools for your pharmaceutical products?

Do you need to protect your feet with disposable short socks in various company departments?

Do you want to differentiate from the other using special accessories like glitter fabric or Swarovski?

Are you looking for a regulated and eco-friendly closure system for material handling?

You find the answers to all questions in the wide range of portfolio products for food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. On our website there are many articles available that can meet your needs: for example adhesive velcro, buttons and related spare parts, register screws, adhesives, brushes, Olfa blades and cutters, scissors, knives, sock shoes, knee-highs and socks to protect your feet from micro-organisms present in the company.

Competence, experience, assistance, a wide selection of articles and the continuous research of products from the best brands are the reasons why companies like you have decided to rely on us for over 70 years.

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