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Complete Nylon Zipper OPTI RT10

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Complete nylon zipper OPTI RT10

Zipper with 6-mm nylon spiral and cotton support

Length: from 14 to 70 cm

Standard colours: Black and Dark brown available in all lengths

Folder with 154 colours immediately available in 50-cm length

Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces per size/colour

Complete nylon zipper OPTI RT10

6-mm spiral sewn on cotton support

6-mm traditional zipper on cotton ribbon, which makes it an extremely soft and flexible closure. these characteristics are particularly appreciated both in leather industry, since cotton makes positioning operations for glueing easier, and in haute-couture items, because it combines perfectly with the softest rich fabrics


Black and Dark brown: great availability in several sizes (see selection of filters)

Coloured versions: 154 colours always available in stock in 50-centimetre long zipper


Self-licking slider = standard (see picture above)

Bayonet-type slider: ultra-quick application of the pull-tab. ONLY ON DEMAND and with an additional charge

The bayonet-type slider is exceptionally functional because it allows to insert your customized pull-tab easily, without using any kind of tool.
Furthermore, it allows the application also AFTER finishing operations, immediately before packaging, thus:
  • guaranteeing the maximum efficacy of staff during production stages 
  • avoiding at the same time any risk of ruining the leather or the pull-tab itself.
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