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Leather Colourant TINGILEDER (1 litre)

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Transparent colourant, dyeing and penetrating for vegetable-tanned hides and full-grain leather.

Self-fixing product that will allow you to obtain the most classic and widespread tones in the world of leather goods.

It can be used as a dye for shoes, jackets, smooth full-grain leathers, giving an effect of the highest quality and ensuring a very strong persistence.

Alcohol-based dye

Colours: 19

1 litre plastic bottle

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Colorante per pellami art. TINGILEDER (bottiglia da 1 litro)
Leather Colourant TINGILEDER (1 litre)

In stock

€11.96 €9.80


    Main characteristics  

    • It gives an antique or spotted tint if applied using a sponge or a pad, or a beautiful aniline effect if sprinkled.
    • TINGILEDER dries quickly, is self-fixing and highly scratch resistant.

      Application method

    • By hand with pad or sponge
    • With airbrush (3/4 atm pressure)

      After drying (5/10 minute), cremes, waxes or starches may be applied without altering colouring characteristics.

      In case of abrasive shoe upper, sprinkle TINGILIDER and, after perfect drying, brush using either cotton brush with CERASTEIN 11-11 NEUTRAL or woollen brush with "CERA BRILLANTE" (brush speed 800 g/minute).

    • Colours: Orange, Havana brown, Blue, Burgundy, Fashion brown, Colonial, Yellow, Pure yellow, Light grey-brown, Very dark brown, Dark brown, Brown 113, Black 16, Black 316, Black R, Neutral 55, Red 10, Bulgarian red, Dove-grey, Dark green, Emerald green

    • The product is flammable and therefore it must be shipped via special authorised courier.

    On demand and with minimum order quantity. TINGILEDER IS AVAILABLE ALSO IN 5 LITRE


    Mixtures  Concentration %
    Ethanol 86-90
    Benzyl Alcohl  4-4,5
    Acetone 2,5-3
    More Information
    GREEN No
    Customer Questions
    1 Is the Leather colourant Tingileder an alcohol-based dye? 2. Does Tingileder contain oil? 3. Can I use water-based dye WATERSTAIN® PRO on oiled vegetable tanned leather? Does the dye hold up on oiled leather?

    1 - Tingileder is an alcohol-based dye (it's compsed by ethanol (86%), benzyl alcohol (4%) and acetone (2,5%)

    2 - Tingileder not contail oil

    3 - Waterstain Pro is effective on absorbent leathers. It's necessary to check the absorbency of the leather. The main applications are shoes, bags, jackets and leather accessories. Waterstain Pro is not recommended for dyeing sofas and car seats

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