Solvent dispenser

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Dispenser to use products which release toxic fumes without any risk of inhalation


Maximum capacity of lower container : 1.5 litri
Diameter of lower container (handles excluded): 14 cm
Height of lower container: 10.7 cm

Maximum inner diameter of upper small basin: 12.5 cm
Diameter of the upper basin base: 8.8 cm

Total height without plug: 21 cm
Total height with plug: 23.5 cm


  1. Unscrew and extract the part with spring and the upper tray.
  2. Insert the sponge in the upper tray.
  3. Close the upper tray with the black plug.
  4. Insert the chemical product in the lower pot container
  5. Insert and screw the part with spring and the upper tray again.
  6. Press many times the part with spring: in this way the sponge wets automatically with the right quantity without waste!
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