Ausonia sew-on VELCRO® boxed (25 m loop + 25 m hook)

26,23 € 21,50 €

SAVED BOX - Practical box to take out and cut small pieces of tape 

VELCRO® sew-on fastener for fabrics or hides.

Each box contains 25 m hook tape + 25 m loop tape

Immediately available widths: 20 - 30 - 50 mm

Available colours: White, Black

Opening/closure cycles: 10,000

Ausonia VELCRO® in a box containing the two components of the self-gripping fastener: the hook and the loop The tape with flexible hooks binds with the soft and "hairy" loop tape. When the tapes are pressed together, the closure is firm but also easily adjustable. To open the closure, simply pull the tapes apart. VELCRO ® tapes are built with the highest quality standards and guarantee size and construction uniformity.

Ausonia VELCRO® fasteners are machine-washable and dry cleanable. It is recommended not to use bleach. While washing, Ausonia VELCRO® tapes must be combined.

If VELCRO ® fastener is not used, it is advisable to preserve it closed. 

Ausonia VELCRO® box sizes: 28,5 x 28,5 x 4,5 centimetres

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VELCRO® brand fasteners resulted after research and careful study of a small secret of nature discovered by the Swiss inventor, Georges de Mestral, sas he observed that burdocks had sticked to his trousers. 

This discovery was initially a curious innovation and then became an important product both for industrial amnd consumer use. 

VELCRO® brand fasteners, now available in many versions, sizes, colours and finishes, can be applied in different sectors, such as clothing, furniture, orthopedics, footwear, stationery, packaging, camping tents, electronics, DIY, etc...

By using VELCRO® brand fasteners you have all resources of a world leader.

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