PROTEXSOL Professional protective hand cream (100 ml)

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Protexsol professional hand cream

Hands are protected from harmful greasy substances and WATER-FREE allergizing agents.

100 ml tube

Protexsol professional hand cream

This cream prevents professional dermatitis and reddening caused by allergizing agents and also guarantees proper skin hygiene during its exposure to irritating WATER-FREE agents, such as: solvents, varnishes, resins, catalysts, greases, hydrocarbons, tar, bitumen, coal, graphite, colourants, glues, inks, etc...

  • PROTEX protecting creams prevent from dermal absorption of harmful, irritating and dirtying substances, without altering normal transpiration of skin.
  • They protect also from evaporation of irritating substances.
  • They contain neither soap nor sensitizing agents.
  • PROTEX creams are semi-colloidal emulsions.
  • They do not contain silicone (they do not leave fingerprints and therefore they may be used also by people who work with varnishes, lacquers, etc...).

PROTEXSOL PROFESSIONAL contains high percentages of inorganic greases, which form a film on the skin and, in combination with other product ingredients, reduce epidermis penetrability in order both to prevent the absorption of harmful substances and to make their removal easier while washing.

PROTEXSOL PROFESSIONAL is a white flower-scented cream packaged in 100 ml tubes.

Application fields

  • maintenance & engineering
  • mechanical engineering industry (oil-based substances)
  • car repair shops
  • metal structural work
  • doors and windows
  • building coverings 
  • joiner's shops 
  • body repairers
  • varnishers
  • painters
  • thermal hydraulics
  • water and sanitary

Protects from:

    • oils, grease, lubricants
    • stubborn dirt
    • metal dust, graphite, carbon black
    • varnishes, lacquers, solvents, glue, resin
    • fibreglass

Method of use

Apply cream on dry and clean skin and let it absorb so that an invisible thin cream layer can be formed, thus avoiding direct contact with substances.

In case of serious aggressions, repeat operation also while working.

Wash hands with hot water, soap and rinse in order to remove protective film at the end of work.

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