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Soles and Heels

Soles and Heels

Everything for resoling shoes

Resoling men's and women's shoes is among the main activities of an expert shoemaker. In this section you will find rubber heels, half soles for men and women under the VIBRAM brand to repair and protect the sole of classic and elegant shoes as much as possible.

Resistant, non-slip and already pre-cut, they are available in different shades and sizes. The VIBRAM half soles are easy to glue because after having spread the glue in abundance on the rubber and, subsequently on the leather, you can proceed with the application in a precise manner by striking forcefully with the hammer to secure the half sole well to the bottom of the shoe.

Not only pre-cut half soles but above all rubber, synthetic cork and natural para rubber sheets in different thicknesses to create large quantities of half soles and soles required by footwear companies.

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