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Guidelines and ethical principles of good trade

Collini Atomi di Scarpa S.r.l.:

  • always provides extensive, accurate and truthful information about its goods and services, price, conditions of return and delivery - http://www.colliniatomi.it/it/spedizioni;
  • untertakes to consider any questions and problems about the supply of goods and services submitted by customers, and to solve them within a reasonable time limit, providing any further useful information - [email protected];
  • indicates the conditions for reimbursement in case the customer wants to return the product he ordered - [email protected];
  • always gives the customer the chance to check his/her purchase order before issuing it;
  • allows web users to exit the Site without placing any order;
  • undertakes to meet any customer need to change or cancel orders which have already been placed, whenever it is possibile;
  • ensures respect for privacy rights and its regulations. It also notifies the customers which personal data will be preserved and the name of the data controller - http://www.colliniatomi.it/it/privacy;
  • the electronic information remains fully valid even in the absence of a hard copy. This concerns electronic offers and orders as well. The company undertakes not to deny the validity also in case of any judicial action;
  • undertakes to acknowledge and accept the rules of electronic signature as established by law, and also to communicate the form, standard and technology it uses;
  • guarantees that electronic trade activities are integrated within the organisation in order to meet the commitments deriving therefrom. The company ensures also that information systems are suitable, efficient and in line with common standards;
  • undertakes to process every purchase order with the utmost diligence and to promptly inform the customer of any setback or problem which may affect the fulfilment;
  • invoices are issued after the final order and accompany goods when being shipped, except in cases of deferred payment agreements with invoice at the end of the month;
  • As regards online payments, it ensures security since it entrusts money transfer to certified operators only: crediti institutions or other organisations with certificate for secure transactions (Paypal). Discover other payment methods at:  http://www.colliniatomi.it/it/condizioni-vendita;
  • undertakes to provide free post-sales technical support to the best of its appropriate and legitimate knowledge about products;
  • products are guaranteed directly by producers according to current regulations. Collini undertakes to replace defective items right from the production phase.

Collini Atomi di Scarpa S.r.l. adheres to principles of ‘good trade’, since it provides truthful information, guarantees the absence of misleading advertising, differentiates between product technical data and promotion, respects intellectual property of others and also ensures proper use of Internet technology in order to let web users freely browse pages.

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